Credible Spokespeople build credible reputations. But who and what’s credible? Based on data, research and insight LMI helps you to work that out. Perceptions of empathy, expertise, commitment and candor are essential to delivering thoughtful, credible messages that build trust, even under the glare of media or public scrutiny.


Sample Training Agenda

LMI offers six Credible Spokeserson Training seminars

We stress extensive participant involvement and practical, realistic news media interviews video taped and analysed to build skill and confidence. LMI works with clients to ensure training is specifically tailored to issues, situations or incidents relevant to the company and to the individuals subject matter expertise.

Seminars include discussions, video examples and presentations on:

  • What is news? What’s newsworthy?
  • What reporters are looking for
  • The substantial role of social media in news gathering
  • A reporters interview toolbox
  • The sound bite and the quote
  • The essence of preparation – audience, research and targeted messaging
  • Stakeholders and communications barriers

  • Reputation management
  • Tools that build trust and credibility
  • The rule of threes
  • Proactive vs reactive media engagement
  • On-Camera interviews and analysis
  • A framework for key message development
  • Non verbal communications skill development
  • Interview do’s and don’ts
  • Focusing on positive language
  • Rephrasing/restating tough questions
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Hypothetical and speculative questions
  • Multiple questions
  • No comment, not for attribution etc.
  • How to stay calm with aggressive reporters and stakeholders
  • Bridging, Deflecting, Deferring, Recapping. Flaggin, Hooking
  • What to do in a Crisis
  • Crisis simulation
  • Scrums and News Conferences
  • Prepared Statements and News Releases
  • Risk communications strategies