Lovink Media Inc.

We specializes in CREDible Spokesperson© media and crisis training. We’ve been in business for over 25 years with thousands of delighted clients. In a world where every utterance can so quickly be broadcast world-wide through social media anyone who goes public should see themselves on camera first. With great coaching they can make great improvements in authenticy and message delivery.

Media Training

The primary goal of the LMI’s CREDible Spokesperson Training Program is to build skill and confidence in the ability to present key messages effectively under public and media scrutiny.

CREDible Spokesperson Seminars
  • One day workshops for groups of 6.
  • Two Day workshops for groups of 11.
  • Three day workshops for larger groups.
  • One on one coaching – 3 hour segments.
  • Refresher course – half to full day
Crisis Response

Speed in responding to a crisis is more essential than ever and effective responses are often counter intuitive. Making it up as you go can be a recipe for disaster and in an instant lose you all the goodwill you’ve built as an organization.

Crisis Services
  • Crisis Communications Planning
  • Crisis Training: Individual and Group workshops – 7 hours
  • 24/7 On Call Crisis Service
  • Instant TV News Service for Emergency Response Drills

Trust and credibility are the foundation of reputation and central to social license. Reputation is at stake whenever company employees engage in a conversation with stakeholders and thus impact social license.

Strategy Services
  • Message development
  • Quotes and Sound Bites
  • Non-verbal Presentation Skills
  • Presentation Tools

In this one-­day training session each participant selects an excerpt from a presentation and presents it to the group.It is recorded on-camera. We will review each presentation in a constructive manner to strengthen the presenter’s tool kit and to build their skill and confidence by providing an easy to understand framework for strengthening verbal and non-­‐verbal communications skills. The afternoon imagines that there’s a citizen (or real) journalist in the audience who asks for an interview. We use the presentation subject matter as the focus for the recorded interview thus allowing for interview management media training and further developing the presenter’s messaging clarity.