On Being CREDible

If you think you’ll ever be in the media spotlight, you need this book. The CRED framework you’ll find here teaches you how to manage interviews with skill, confidence, and authenticity. You’ll learn how to shape the news headline you want and to avoid the one you don’t.

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well-coached credible spokespeople

Well-coached credible spokespeople are now central to organizational reputation. When every utterance, tweet or post can so quickly be broadcast worldwide, knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it is a core executive communications skill.

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Media Training

Build your skills and confidence to present key messages effectively under public and media scrutiny.

Crisis Response

Speed in responding to a crisis is more essential than ever. You can’t make it up when the pressure’s on.


Trust and credibility are the foundation of reputation and central to social license.


Strengthen and build your skills in being an effective presenter so the story you are telling is the one your audience hears.

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With over 25 years of media coaching experience and over 5000 interviews, this simple-to-read guide is based on what so many people have said is the best on-the-job training they’ve ever had.

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