Handling an Aggressive Interviewer Live

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Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donna Brazille on Fox November 9, 2017 was a tour-de-force. Talk about knowing how to take charge of a live TV interview with a hostile interviewer. She is outstanding, classy and in her own words “fiesty and gutsy”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKdizNUG59U And here’s the take away. Quoting her mother (always good in an … Read More

Credible Spokespeople Build Credible Reputations

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In the housing development industry there’s something called the broken window theory that’s proven to be critical to the improvement of neighborhoods and cities across North America. A Harvard criminologist had noted that if a broken window in a building went unrepaired all other windows would soon be broken. Apparently, the unfixed window sends a … Read More

It’s Not a Conversation

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I loved what American comedian and TV host Jon Stewart said about the news media a few years ago. At the ‘rally for sanity’ held in Washington just before the 2010 US congressional elections when the Tea Party was about to make big inroads. Stewart compared the News Media to a bright sun focusing its … Read More


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WhatsCred, the name of this blog, is about thinking and behaving in a way that builds trust and maintains credibility. Everyone spins. Every time we put our sunny side up we’re spinning.  All of us want the world to see our shiny side, our best profile and our most credible self. In today’s 24/7 social media … Read More

Truth telling

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Today we have so little darkness: our world is lit up 24 hours a day. Its transparent with blogs and social networks broadcasting the buzz of a whole new generation of people who have made a choice to live their life in a much more public world in a much more noisy world. So one … Read More