Credible Spokespeople build credible reputations. But who and what’s credible? Based on data, research and insight LMI helps you to work that out. Perceptions of empathy, expertise, commitment and candor are essential to delivering thoughtful, credible messages that build trust, even under the glare of media or public scrutiny.



In this one-­day training session each participant selects an excerpt from a presentation and presents it to the group.It is recorded on-camera. We will review each presentation in a constructive manner to strengthen the presenter’s tool kit and to build their skill and confidence by providing an easy to understand framework for strengthening verbal and non-­‐verbal communications skills.

The afternoon imagines that there’s a citizen (or real) journalist in the audience who asks for an interview. We use the presentation subject matter as the focus for the recorded interview thus allowing for interview management media training and further developing the presenter’s messaging clarity.

On-Camera Presentation

Print reporters use video cameras. Corporations use YouTube for news releases. Now, how you say it is as important as what you say.

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