Truth telling

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Today we have so little darkness: our world is lit up 24 hours a day. Its transparent with blogs and social networks broadcasting the buzz of a whole new generation of people who have made a choice to live their life in a much more public world in a much more noisy world.

So one challenge we have is oversharing – that’s not honesty. Our manic tweeting and texting can blind us to the fact that the subtleties of human decency, character and integrity is still what matters and is always going to matter.

So in this much noisier world it might make sense for us to be just a little but more explicit about our moral code and signal it to everyone around you that “in my world is going to be one where truth is strengthened and falsehood is recognized and marginalized.” When you do that the ground around you is going to shift just a little bit…and that’s the truth.

Pamela Meyers, author of How to Spot a Liar speaking at a TED talk in Edinborough Scotland in 2011.