Build your CRED™ible Spokesperson Skills | Dec 8-9


This two morning CRED™ Spokesperson Training seminar will refresh your external communications skills and update you on the post Covid 2021/22 news media environment. It runs from 8:30 am to Noon, December 8 and 9 on ZOOM.

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Through two on-camera real world news interviews practice exercises, everyone develops new skills and self-confidence. The focus is on trust building, strengthening participant external communications and on-line media skills. These are all task in front of every outward facing corporate or public service employee going forward in 2021.

You will build new personal skills and confidence by learning how to:

  • Build your personal CRED™ as a subject matter expert.
  • Successfully manage news media interview outcomes
  • Negotiate the current context of media relations in Canada
  • Build stakeholder trust during public engagement
  • Overcome personal non-verbal and verbal communications barriers
  • Curate a powerful online interview presence
  • Deliver CRED™, authentic messaging
  • Shape the headline you want and avoid the one you don’t
  • Communicate complexity
  • Use the ten steps to effective CRED™ crisis communications (optional focus)

These CRED™ible Spokesperson™ seminars are rated as “best I’ve ever attended” by many participant evaluations.

Fees are $975 per person payable by credit card. Group rate available on inquiry. Fees include handouts, a copy of On Being CREDible – How to Maximize your CRED Under Media Scrutiny – mailed to you upon enrolment – and working with you in advance to ensure the course is tailored to real world issues you may confront in the public realm.

Participation is limited.

“Best instructor and media training I have received in 18 years in emergency management.”
– Pader Brach, Executive Director, B.C. Environmental Emergency, Victoria

“Excellent training throughout.”
– Kyle de Roaldes, Foreman, Cardinal Energy, Calgary

“Many great tips and a terrific wealth of experience shines throughout.”
– Roger Schroeder, External Relations Manager, Parks Canada, Winnipeg

“Fantastic training.”
– Dr. Rayna Gunvaldsen, B.C. Chief Veterinarian, Abbotsford

“Exceeded expectations.”
– B.C. Wildfire Service, Kamloops, BC

“An exceptional workshop for our executives.”
– Brooke Kelley, Canadian Cancer Society

“The CREDible Spokesperson approach is excellent for the polarized society we live in.”
– John Weissenberger VP, Alberta Energy Regulator